About Us

Uber Dungeon has been in operation since 2016, crafting and selling hand made embroidered Suede Dice bags. We have been selling these bags on craft websites and comic con conventions around the western US. Becoming Dice vendors was not intentional but was in demand as dice bag vendors, So here we are. Years of online and in person sales, we're opening our online store.

Our goals are

  • To provide excellent customer service, an Online store, dice company and branding with only the best praise to their name.
  • We aim to continually grow our inventory selection so that anyone can find something fit for their collection. 
  • We're excited to Produce something new for the dice community, exclusive dice sets to be found here.
  • We are also dice crafters aiming to make perfect finished products so that we can put them up for sale (To be announced when available). 

Email Contact:

  • UberDungeon@Outlook.com

Our area of operation is:

  • Orem, Utah United States.