Q: What size are your dice?

  • A: We have many different brands so each Die in a set is labeled on each listing.

Q:Are your dice balanced? 

  • A: Physically, no. Most Polyhedral are slightly Oval, especially the D20. To combat that most dice are numerically balanced you can get more information on numerical balancing here. https://www.mathartfun.com/thedicelab.com/BalancedStdPoly.html
    In Regards to Inclusions such as Glitter and Foil Stars/ gold flakes ect., it does tip the die in one direction or another but the odds of catching how unbalanced they are is probably around .001%

Q:Why are your Dice different prices?

A: Several factors go into this, We price our dice both competitively and by the minimum we have to charge to keep them in stock.